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Capital Events Marketing Announce Intent to Recruit Competitive and Athletic Talent

In today’s business climate, one word can be used to adequately describe the situation in any industry and between competitors: cut-throat. In order to survive – let alone thrive – a brand’s focus on proper marketing techniques, effective procurement strategies and customer service must all be paramount. It is sometimes disappointing to discover that a marketing firm’s failure is directly linked to a lack of passion among its workers. While it is not a problem for the brand, Capital Events Marketing announced recently that it intends to begin recruiting individuals from athletic and competitive environments in order to ensure it can prosper even more in the coming years.

Successful businessmen and women have many things in common with competitive-minded and athletic individuals. For starters, there is an inherent drive to fight and to be the best in the game, according to Sophinna Asif, Director of Capital Events Marketing. “Whether we are planning a huge event or helping our clients pursue effective marketing and advertising strategies, we’ve observed that those with a competitive spirit tend to work harder and accomplish more than those who may feel comfortable or have no prior involvement in competitive fields”, Sophinna Asif elaborated. While this may seem like a simple observation on the surface, the notion that athletes could do well in the world as marketers is a new realisation.

Many brands are discovering that athletes and competition-oriented individuals make the best sales associates, marketers and workers, based largely on parallels observed between them and top business professionals. It can be hard at times to attract top business professionals to smaller or newer marketing firms due to name recognition, salary demands, and other attributes. Many forward-thinking firms such as Capital Events Marketing have discovered that competitive and/or athletic individuals from all walks of life can be cultivated into effective marketing and event planning warriors for a variety of purposes.

The reasons listed above explain clearly why Capital Events Marketing and other entities are pursuing strategies in order to enlist the services of competitive individuals from all walks of life, including athletes. The marketing implications for working with athletes is obvious, but there are several other notable benefits as well. In order to be competitive, foster a team-oriented mindset among individuals and ensure that passion is brought to the task at hand, brands such as Capital Events Marketing are finding new ways in which to innovate and raise the bar above and beyond that of their more traditional competitors.